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Why You Need a Website in 2020

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Reasons Why You Need a Website in 2020.

2020 is all about going online. It is a digital period of century,more than 2.4 billion people use the internet everday,and some 90% of those have purchased something or contacted a business online in last 12 months.Our habits are changing,so do our business need to get ready with changing world to survive and to grow. If there is anything that businees needs now,it is consumer “insights” and how do you get them without stepping outside.
We are going online to

  • shop online
  • pay bill online
  • bank online
  • work online
  • study online
  • play game online
  • find bride/groom online and so on

Therefore, to flow with new trend, business needs an online presence. A website, ecommerce app will help business grow in digital world. There are top 8 reasons why you need website:

1) An online business is an extension of your business that never sleeps.It have global access 24/7/365 2) Before they bother to visit your brand or company physically,they find it convinient to go online and check what your business and brand has to offer them 3) It allows you to build your brand and gain the credibility that you need to attract more customers 4) Customers and potential customers can interact with your brand on a more personal level.any business website have chat option for the customers that can help them communicate with clients easily and solve their queries. 5) A website can help small business increase flexibility,control,branding and credibility. 6) Having a blog or even just a feed on your website,you can update customers on your newest offers,produts,promotion,photos,events or any other content. 7) Business with website is more credible than one that only has social media page. 8) Target a wider audience. It helps you to target a much wider audience that might be intereseted in productsyou offer or the service you provide