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Logo Color & What It Signifies

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What does logo color say about your brand?

Brand identity is the visible elements of the brand such as color, design and logo that identify and distinguish the brand in consumers’ mind. Whereas a brand image is a customer’s perception of the brand consisting of various association related to it and memories about interacting with it. Brand image is distinct from brand identity. As per an author Ross Kimbarovsky., a brand identity is the most effective way an organization(startups, small businesses, agencies, nonprofits, or others) can gain a competitive edge in an increasingly crowded marketplace. When it comes to identifying your brand, your brand logo is probably the first thing your customers will think off. In fact, 80% of consumers believe color as the primary reason for recognition of the brand and in studies it is found products color influences 60-80% of customer’s purchasing decision. This means right choice of color for your brand logo does not only strengthen the brand association but it can also affect your total sales of company. Wrong selection of color contributes a vital part in making logo into disaster. Color symbolizes: Power, Authority, Luxury, Audacity, Classiness, Superiority

Let’s understand what do specific colors say, and how brands have used them to their advantage.

Black and White color It is simple and elegant color. It is one of classic combo. Black is professional and credible, but it can be edgy as well. White is clean and pure. Using this combination makes a logo timeless and beautiful, Nike use black for an edgy vibe, while publications use black and white for the combination balance and simplicity. Grey color too have important role in the logo world, especially when it is shined to give silver finish. Automobile companies like Honda and Mercedes-Benz use logo that have silver feature.

Blue color Like the calm sea and flawless sky, blue color inspires a sense of calm and spiritual awareness along with feelings of trust, strength, dependability and tranquility. Blue is best choice of medical and healthcare brands. On the other hand, corporate companies uses blue color for their logo. Dell, IBM, Intel…take advantage of blue’s trustworthy message. Brands that sell machines and appliances love blue as well.

Red color It raises the energy level.It is primary and universal color of passion,anger and excitement.It raises people pulse rates when they look at it.If you are looking for young,vibrant,loud and playful image,red is an ideal option.It also stimulate the appetite,which makes an excellent choice when branding food or drink.KFC,Pizza Hut,Kellogg’s,Coco-Cola,Budwiser,Redbull have red logos. It works with entertainment industry too.Netflix employs the power of red in its logo with bold letter.Retailers also uses red color,it develops sense of urgency which can compel people to buy,especially when there is season sale time.

Green color Green color stands for growth.It is about embrace the environment,Its nature’s favourite color.It is symbol of life,new beginning,environment and safety.Many brands whose products deal with an environment utilize green.It directly conveys the message to audience that your company is environmental friendly.It is also popular with organic and vegetarian brand.Company uses green color to indicate safety when advertising drugs and medical products. Starbucks,Tropicana,Android uses green color.

Yellow color It is optimistic color.It is color of sunshine.This color is the shining example friendliness and cheer,It radiate a playful and affordable identity.It embraces people with warmth,boosts mental activity,makes cheerful and develop youthful energy. Brands that want to put a smile on the faces of consumers call on the power of yellow. McDonalds’ golden arches are kid friendly and fun. On the downside,yellow is also associated with caution like on road sign and traffic light.

Orange color It covey confidence.It is more playful and energetic color.This color is mixture of yellow and red.This color is to activate the brain activity and associated with playfulness and enthusiasm.An orange logo sends the message that your company is friendly and cheerful.It is great color for brands looking to elicit feelings of vitality and happiness,such as travel companies.Studies have shown that it stimulates hunger-reason why restaurants patronize this color so much.Nickelodeon’s orange splatter grab the attention of young and Fanta and orange crush soda easily lure on those with a sweet tooth.

Pink color This color is associated with femininity,nonetheless versatile.Brands which employ pink color in their logo can retain a sense of energy and cheer blended with a perception of soothing calm.It is generally used in logos for brands whose target audience is women.With the pink color in logo can embrace a “girly” image.Being a lighter shade of red,emotion associated with pink color are physical tranquility,warmth,love,sexuality and romance.Lingerie brand uses pink color like Victoria secret. It is also associated with sweetness and is seen in logos for sweet foods like ice creams and donuts.

urple color It is the color of Royalty.For brand trying to exude an air of sophistication,purple is a top choice.It is also representative of fantasy,mystery,magic and can easily evoke a feeling of wisdom and imagination.Purple is top choice of cosmetics and high-end-retail companies. Purple carries with it a sense of wisdom.Hallmark and Big Brothers Big Sisters both use purple.It used to be one of the most expensive colors to produce,which is why it is associated with royalty.This iconic color is used by Cadbury chocolate. In 1914,allegedly as a tribute to Queen Victoria,Cadbury its distinctive purple packaging for chocolate bars