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Promoting Your Brand or Business is Important

Why digital marketing is important for your business? Before we start the importance of digital marketing for business. We will first understand,what is marketing and digital marketing? Marketing term includes the activities that a company undertakes to promote the buying or selling of a products or services. It basically helps company to teach or create awareness among consumer about the importance of of products or services.Marketing make consumer learn the fact,why they should choose your product or service over those of your competitors.There are two ways of marketing: 1) Traditional marketing 2) Digital marketing Traditional marketing involve promoting products/services through television,radio,newspaper and billboards. It doesn’t have direct interaction with customers,whereas digital marketing involve in promoting their product or services through a website,social media,email and video on YouTube.It offers higher level of engagement and interaction Digital marketing is cost efficient compared to traditional marketing. Digital marketing campaigns have become prevalent employing combination of search engine optimization(SEO),search engine marketing(SEM),social media marketing,social media optimization,e-commerce marketing,content marketing and so on. When a new business get started,they focus on how to get first group of customers for their product or services.They rely on traditional form of marketing where there is no direct interaction with customers.While digital marketing gives vast marketplace where engagement and interaction with customer is easy and efficient. Would you believe if I say,how accessible the internet is today and number of people going online everyday is still increasing.Almost 4.57 billion people were active internet users as of April 2020. Marketing has always been about connecting with your audiences in the right place at right time.It means you need to meet your audiences where they are spending their time,i.e on internet. To begin with digital marketing,website for your business is very important.It is a place where most people will interact/connect with your business.Whether to get information about your services or product ,to get contact details or to make bookings or purchases online. Website plays a important role in lead generation and conversion.Many attractive sales/marketing campaign sometimes fails in generation and conversion because of website’s landing page doesn’t convert.A website underperform due to several reasons including site speed,responsiveness or navigation. A good quality website is key to success of digital marketing strategy.

To review your website performance ,check below checklist point: 1) SEO: How you are performing on search engines? 2) Responsive: Is your website responsive? 3) Site speed:Do your pages load quickly? 4) Conversion rate:Are you able to convert customers? 5) Branding:Does your website reflect your brand? If you find any flaws in above mentioned point and you are not getting result as per your expectation or your website is not performing effectively because of these factors,then it is advisable to consider a website redesign. Do small/new business needs a website? Yes,already explained above the importance of website design and development. Before you decide to build website,there are few questions need to be answered first. 1) Who is your website for? Identify target audience. 2) What your target audience looking for? Do a small research.Ask web designer to create landing page for marketing campaigns.You could run then small test with your email and ad campaign to understand what was more effective. 3) Define Website goal?

Your digital marketing strategy should define you objectives.It is advisable to set measurable KPIs.It can be based on visits,conversion rate,bounce rate,average time on page or key words ranking. To ensure your website meets your goal your website design need to consider: 1) Search Engine optimization(SEO) 2) Conversion rate optimization(CRO) 3) User experience(UX) 4) Brand Identity To have a user friendly website,there is a need to constantly adapt and change with changing consumer insight. Every area of your website can be monitored to optimize it for users.A good website require lot more thought to make it fulfill its intended purpose. Website should be build right to support Digital Marketing Activities. All the under performing marketing channels are result of poor website To answer your question,why your website isn’t performing well as you expected than do an audit and see what is missing? In case if you need new website for your business then consider all these aspects for design. You can talk to us and discuss about your requirement.We are Bangalore based group of website designer,graphic designer,Website developer and SEO specialist. Connect us today:7829296139