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Types of Facebook ads and how webkreeda uses it for your business

There are multiple ways to advertise on Facebook as per the business objectives and expected outcomes. Let's talk about different types of Facebook ads and when and where to use them.

Facebook is merely not a personal-relation building tool but a robust business networking tool that can help in branding. It serves as an advertising platform that shares your message across millions and millions of users. There was a time when Facebook offered 25 types of ads, but today the number has been limited. The ad formats have been streamlined to make it more effective in achieving the objectives. Let's talk about the different types of Facebook ads:

Boosted Posts
Any page that has 50 or more likes can opt for boosted posts form of advertising. You can set your budget, target audience, duration, and other such criteria to reach the right set of people. Go to settings of any post that you want to boost and set your budget along with other details.
Note:The Boosted Posts aren't created in the Ads Manager, making it different from the rest of the ads. There is no word count if you are using boosted posts. Remember, you cannot edit a boosted post while it is running. You need to delete the post, go to the Power Editor, and then select the post. Boost the post again.

Video Ads
WebKreeda recommends video ads to clients who are targeting a higher viewership. It has been found out that around 50% of people view at least one video per day on Facebook. This has encouraged the brand to rely more on video ads, thereby increasing the number of video ads. The rate has increased to 3.6X in a span of one year.
Note:WebKreeda creates unique videos that are content and keyword rich.Don't forget to add call-to-action as it reminds the viewers to take action. You can embed it at the end of the video. For a count to be considered, the video must be watched for at least 3 seconds, with or without sound.

Event Ads
You would have come across several events being posted on the pages. The CTA on these ads will directly take you to the ticket purchase page. The Event Ads aim at increasing the number of people who would want to attend the event. If you have chosen Event ads, Facebook will ensure that your post has a wider reach. You will also get to know the number of guests who are attending the events. Note: Add the date of the event, time of the event, price of the tickets, ticket purchase link, and a relevant image.

Offer Ads
These Ads mainly aim at providing offers and promotions to the fans and followers. The Facebook Pages have specific terms and conditions which must be adhered to while opting for Offer Ads. The complete information regarding the discounts will be shared with the public. The amount of discount, the validity of the offer, friends who have used the offer, and other such vital information will be shared if you opt for Offer Ads.

Multi-Product Ads
If you have several products and want to promote more than a single product, opt for Multi-Product Ads. It allows you to present three products in a single ad unit. The Multi-Product Ads mainly focuses on visibility as well as converting the prospects into customers. We, at Web Kreeda, understand the client needs and pick the Facebook Ad models that best yields the results. Our experienced digital marketing experts keep a track on the metrics and fine-tune the ads accordingly. If you want an immediate solution to your failed marketing strategies, get in touch with us and we shall brainstorm together to strategize your branding needs.

Page Like Ads
If you have a product or a service, you must have a Facebook page as well. You will surely need more likes to increase your visitors on the page. After all, you take all the efforts to engage people through your Pages. The Page Like Ads promotes your page to increase your number of Likes. These Ads usually are seen in the right-hand column. It shares the social information of the people who have liked the page.

Well, it's wise to seek the help of professionals like WebKreeda as they possess the know-how and the expertise to get your website ranked over your competitors. Visit Webkreeda for all your branding needs. Drop us an email at info@webkreeda.com or call us: +91-6200131604 to know more about our digital services. Happy to assist you!